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Koody is a community of people helping each other stay on top of their finances. Whether it's saving money, investing, sorting out your pensions, paying off your debt, finding a side hustle or even looking for deals and competitions, someone here has been through it and is happy to share their experience!

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I noticed no one is talking about bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on here so I decided to create a general discussion. Hopefully some of you are interested! 

Yesterday Tesla filed their annual report and announced they have invested $1.5billion into bitcoin and will soon be accepting it as a payment method. I'm still blown away by this.

I sold my bitcoin after the announcement when the price soared to almost $44,000 and made a small gain. I didn't have much in there just £500 but 25% gain in the less than two weeks is not too bad. Thoughts? 

Like most robos, it's a rather expensive way to buy index tracker funds. You might be better off going directly to some of the low cost providers, e.g Vanguard. But, if the fees aren't an issue and you are looking for an app that helps you cultivate a savings habit, then I guess it makes sense to go for it.