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Welcome to the Koody Community!

I'm Halimah, the community manager.

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First, introduce yourself! 🙌

Koody is a community of people helping each other stay on top of their finances. Whether it's saving money, investing, sorting out your pensions, paying off your debt, finding a side hustle or even looking for deals and competitions, someone here has been through it and is happy to share their experience!

The keyword here is "community." Don't be shy! Start by telling people what you want to get out of the community and what you... (More)

Community Manager
"Nearly nine in 10 products sold on Black Friday are available for the same price or cheaper earlier in the year, according to consumer group Which?.

It urged consumers to "do some research" in order to spot genuine bargains during the 27 November sale.

Retailers including Amazon, Argos and John Lewis said they offered good deals all year round, not just during seasonal shopping events."

Hi Alex, learning how to code is always a good decision. So, kudos for that! Depending on the kind of startup you are looking to build, software development could come in handy, especially in building and testing your minimum viable product or MVP. If you are not in any particular hurry, I'd recommend dedicating the next couple of years to learning software development and validating your ideas. Talk to people about what you are building, try to see if there's demand and if there is, you can start making an actual product. Also, try to find collaborators or prospective co-founders.... (More)