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Let's talk finance!

Have something on your mind? Ask for opinions from the Koody Community.


Welcome to the Koody Community!

I'm Halimah, the community manager.

Here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of the community:

First, introduce yourself! 🙌

Koody is a community of people helping each other stay on top of their finances. Whether it's saving money, investing, sorting out your pensions, paying off your debt, finding a side hustle or even looking for deals and competitions, someone here has been through it and is happy to share their experience!

The keyword here is "community." Don't be shy! Start by telling people what you want to get out of the community and what you... (More)


Important: We are not regulated to give you financial advice.

We are not regulated to give you financial advice, so we kindly ask that you not take the information shared in this community as personal advice. Any answer you receive to your question is solely the opinion of the person answering the question. It is not personal financial advice.

If you think you will need someone qualified to help you make financial decisions such as what to invest in, we strongly recommend you seek advice from a suitably qualified financial adviser. We are currently building a system that will allow you to book financial advisers directly from the community. In... (More)