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The first thing that comes to mind after reading your question is the transaction fees you might incur depending on the broker you choose. If you are a new investor, I'd recommend starting with 4 - 6 ETFs and see how things develop from there? When choosing a broker it might be best to look for a zero-commission or fixed fee broker, so you save on transaction fees. check out Interactive Investor, Freetrade and Trading 212

Hi June,

Glad to hear you're making a start on investing in the stock market.

My opinion is that for beginners, it is a mistake to invest in individual stocks.

The best starting point is to invest in a low cost, passive, index fund tracking an index which means you are invested in hundreds of different Companies so have some diversification built in. 

My preferred platform is Vanguard which makes this all very easy.

Check out this blog post12 I wrote for a how-to guide & feel free to reach out here if anything unclear!


Hello, you can start with our Investing for Beginners 18guide. You'll learn how to invest in the stock market, what to invest in, where to buy, how much risk to take, and what to expect. We close with our investment platform recommendations, including some of the best robo-advisers and DIY platforms in the UK. This guide is ideal for beginners and others who want a quick refresher.