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Like most robos, it's a rather expensive way to buy index tracker funds. You might be better off going directly to some of the low cost providers, e.g Vanguard. But, if the fees aren't an issue and you are looking for an app that helps you cultivate a savings habit, then I guess it makes sense to go for it.

Hello, you can start with our Investing for Beginners 39guide. You'll learn how to invest in the stock market, what to invest in, where to buy, how much risk to take, and what to expect. We close with our investment platform recommendations, including some of the best robo-advisers and DIY platforms in the UK. This guide is ideal for beginners and others who want a quick refresher.

I would suggest instead of jumping straight into direct stock a good intermediate from robo- advisors would be investing in ETFs. They are generally a better investment than single stocks as they provide a bit of diversification and these days there are ETFs for so many investing theses. Also, they allow you to hold multiple stocks without having to make many transactions so you can save lots of transaction cost (which will depend on your broker). The one thing to look out for would be ongoing fees but generally the big ETFs have low fees.

Hi Mehdi, I hope you found @Oscar26's  review helpful. It might also help to compare Wealthify's fees with those of similar providers. You may use our price comparison table. Wealthify is in the third tab: Compare the UK's Investment Platforms.30

Let me know if you have any questions!