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Here, we talk about saving money. Ask questions about how to save, savings accounts, ISAs and anything else. Feel free to talk about anything saving related.

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Hi Anon, 

Since you're saving exactly £500 per month, I'd recommend opening a regular saver account. With Coventry, you can deposit up to £500/month. Regular savers are great because they offer higher interest rates than other savings accounts. This page 15 has a list of the highest-paying regular savers atm. 

I won't recommend putting the money in a stocks and shares ISA with only 3 years to go before you buy the house. It's just too risky.

I hope this helps!

Swimming Instructor

We use Starling for joint accounts. You don't get any special perks but it's super easy to get started. We've also set up direct debits for most bills excluding groceries, etc. to make everything easy. 

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Yes it's possible - I save anywhere between 40-60% of my monthly income (including pension) depending on what I have going on that month.

Obviously, this depends to some extent on:

a) the amount you earn, the higher you earn, the easier it is to save a big % (as long as you manage to keep expenses constant as your income rises)

b) your semi-fixed expenses. For example, if you live in London or a big city, your rent or mortgage payments may make up a big % of your income which may mean it's difficult to save up to... (More)