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Asked a question 2 months ago

Advice please: I am about to receive £10k and I have no plans to touch it for at least two years. Where should I put it?

Where am I?

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Hi - this is an interesting one & depends on a couple of things - your tolerance for risk and what you plan to do with the money in a few years time.

If the money isn't set aside for anything particular and you are willing to invest it to support your future finances - I would invest it into a low-cost, passive index fund using the Vanguard platform. 

The problem with this is these funds fluctuate over time so it's possible your 10k may be worth less in 2 years time, so if you needed the money then for something specific, you'd have a problem.

If you need the money for something specific in 2 years - I would put it in a high-interest cash account for that period - I believe Koody recommends a couple of these on the site.