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Asked a question 6 months ago

Hi all. First of all, great community. I am a 25 year old looking to buy a home before I am 35. I am interested in the lifetime ISA. Which provider would you recommend I go with and why? I am currently looking at nutmeg and money box. I would appreciate your suggestions/recommendations. Thanks

Where am I?

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I don't use Nutmeg or Moneybox, so I can't provide any advice on them. I think @Steph25 has some experience with Nutmeg. She might be willing to share.

When choosing investment platforms, I look at three things:

  1. The range of investments available on the platform: I invest in global index funds, ETFs and US stocks.
  2. Fees: How expensive are they? I don't want to give half of my returns to an investment platform.
  3. Past performance: I know past performance is not a guide to future returns, but I will not put my money in a consistently underperforming fund.

I hope this is useful. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.