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Asked a question 4 months ago

I am looking for a decent way to track my finances. My goal is to uncover spending habits and track savings. I am looking at YNAB, but it’s not UK focused and seems like I have to do everything manually. Can you recommend anything? An app would be fine.

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I use money dashboard, it's worked so well for me and my wife. They used to be a bit scary to use as they used headless browsers with your own credentials to gather data but now its all cool with open banking via api 

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Yeah, YNAB is mostly manual which I quite like. Personally, I think the manual labour helps you better understand what you're doing with your money. It syncs with Amex though and you can sync your Starling/Monzo if you're technical or if you've extra cash, you could pay for Sync For YNAB31.

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