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Here, we talk about investing. Ask questions about how to invest, types of investment accounts, ISAs and anything related to investing.

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Hi - I assume your student loan is here in the UK?

If so - no, it does not make sense to pay this down first.

Generally speaking, I agree it makes sense to pay down debt before investing / saving an emergency fund, particularly if the level of interest is greater than that which your investments will likely earn.

However, due to the way UK student loans are structured with debt forgiveness and only paying back once you've exceeded a certain income - it doesn't make sense to pay it back aggressively as you may be repaying a loan... (More)

Using Vanguard Investor (my personal choice of platform) - SIPP’s are the same cost as ISA‘s.

Both have platform fees of 0.15% up to 250k and can invest in the same funds in both e.g VUSA which is 0.07%.

Total fees of 0.22% which is very low!