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Tell us about your lifestyle and help others learn from it. Ask questions about different lifestyles, eating out, hosting friends at home, organising parties, gardening, baking and anything else you think is relevant.

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More is always better :). But to be honest I have disconnected happiness from money directly. Instead I ask what makes me happy and how does money enable that


Operations Manager

I need to be able to live in a nice house which I own, pay my bills, send my kids to school (when I have them), eat whatever I want and retire early. Did I leave anything out? That should come about £100,000 p.a. after tax :) 

Graduate Analyst at a Bank

Ubers: And cabs in general. No thanks to COVID-19. 

Gym membership: I have been exercising at home since the start of the pandemic, so I doubt I'll ever pay for a gym membership again.

Bottled Water: I desperately need to stop buying this, but I can't drink the water from my kitchen tap, so there's that.

Hi Anon, I do about 80% expenses and 20% savings. My expenses are relatively high because I just started repaying my student loans. I also recently started learning about investments, so I haven't begun investing yet. I plan to begin investing about 10% of my income in index funds sometime in the next couple of months.