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Hi Mehdi, I hope you found @Oscar4's  review helpful. It might also help to compare Wealthify's fees with those of similar providers. You may use our price comparison table. Wealthify is in the third tab: Compare the UK's Investment Platforms.6

Let me know if you have any questions! 

I haven't had any issues with Wealthify so far. I have been using them for approximately 2 years, and everything works well. They have a nice range of investments which you can select based on your risk level. The app is simple to use and the customer care team are nice. I would recommend them! Is there anything in particular you wanted to know?

I think it makes sense to invest with multiple robo advisors to take advantage of different portfolios. Depending on your interests, you will find that robo advisors hardly offer an exhaustive range of funds or ETFs, so it makes sense to use a couple. For example, ETFmatic only offers ETFs, True Potential Investor dabbles in active funds, and most of the others simply sell a combination of index funds.

If you decide that you want to use at least two robos, pay particular attention to fees. I would use robos that charge a percentage-based fee as opposed to a fixed... (More)

Hi Mehdi,

Both are perfectly good services and are better than not investing. Having had a look at both, my personal preference is Moneyfarm but there isn't too much between them.

Please be aware that you could likely save yourself significant money over time by not using a Robo-advisor and instead doing it yourself by signing up to an investment platform like Vanguard, Hargreaves Lansdown etc.