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Yes, it is possible. But it depends on how much you are currently saving and how much you are ready to put away for the long term. It's important to see investing as something you do for the long term. The experts say 5- 10 years.

If you already have a good savings habit and are sure you won't need your money for a few years, then yes, you could consider investing it. However, if you have very little savings, it might be better to consider building an emergency fund.

More is always better :). But to be honest I have disconnected happiness from money directly. Instead I ask what makes me happy and how does money enable that


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I need to be able to live in a nice house which I own, pay my bills, send my kids to school (when I have them), eat whatever I want and retire early. Did I leave anything out? That should come about £100,000 p.a. after tax :)