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Here, we talk about student life. Ask questions about student loans, making money while in university, side hustles, life after uni and anything else. Feel free to talk about anything related to student life.

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I'm in the process of writing a blog post on investing as a student at the moment and would be happy to send it to you once published.

Short answer - it depends on what you need the money for. My advice would be to invest everything you can in low-cost passive index funds using the Vanguard platform.

This, for me, is the best mix of returns, low risk, low maintenance whilst being well diversified in a reputable, easy to use platform.

The earlier you invest, the more years you will benefit from compounding and starting investing now will... (More)

Hi - I assume your student loan is here in the UK?

If so - no, it does not make sense to pay this down first.

Generally speaking, I agree it makes sense to pay down debt before investing / saving an emergency fund, particularly if the level of interest is greater than that which your investments will likely earn.

However, due to the way UK student loans are structured with debt forgiveness and only paying back once you've exceeded a certain income - it doesn't make sense to pay it back aggressively as you may be repaying a loan... (More)

Hiya, I think it's brave that you want to start investing now. Just remember that when it comes to investing, you should be prepared to put your money away for at least five years. Think carefully about that before you decide to invest. If five years is too much for you, then you should consider leaving your money in a savings account.

Hi Maureen,

First of all - congrats - to be thinking of investing whilst a student means you have a leg-up on most people and will give you more years to benefit from compounding.

I think the path for students isn't all that much different as it will be for others with the caveat that you can presumably earn no / little money with your studying commitments.

I would focus on saving as much as you can each month, investing this into well-diversified, low-fee, passive index funds using 'Vanguard Investor' and being consistent investing into this as often and as... (More)