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Workplace Pension
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Hi @M Cha36, yes you can! Just reach out to your employer's pension provider and inform them of the transfer. You need to ask them if you should apply through them or your current provider. They'll give you all the information you need. Stakeholder pensions are normally free to transfer, but double check with your provider first! There's also no minimum investment period for stakeholder pensions. You can transfer at any time. This doc from Pension Wise has all the info you need -  

Hi, to track down all your pensions, you need to contact your pension providers, the government’s Pension Tracing Service40 or your former employer if it was a workplace pension.

If you’re contacting your former employers, the Money Advice Service has created a template letter you can send to your former employers. The key details you’ll need to provide to your employers include:

  • Your National Insurance number
  • The date you stopped working there
  • The date you started work with the employer
  • The dates you joined and left the pension scheme

This link to the Money Advice Service website has all the... (More)